5 door Suzuki Jimny to G Wagon conversion body kit price list

Maruti Suzuki Jimny is one of the best off-road SUV that was recently launched in India. The Jimny 3 door is quite popular in international market and owners of the car loves to convert their Jimny to G-wagon with Jimny modification kit or Brabus kit.

The carmaker has launched the Jimny in India with 5 door to make it perfectly fit for indian market. As of now, the Jimny to G wagon conversion kit is only available for the 3 door variant and to make it fit for the 5 door Jimny you need to order some extra parts like body molding, and door handles.

Suzuki Jimny modified to G wagon
Suzuki Jimny G wagon converted

Suzuki Jimny to G wagon conversion body kit

Some of the companies in international market are selling Jimny to G-Wagon kit and one of the dubai base company Fast Lane cars offers one of the best G Wagon kit for Suzuki Jimny.

It offers the Jimny body kit in 3 different options, first is Only body kit, Body kit, second is body kit with alloys and spacers and third one is body kit with alloys and tires.

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First option – Only exterior body kit for Jimny

If you want to only change the exterior of your Jimny to G63 G-Wagon then you go for the first option which include only body kits. Parts included in the first options are mentioned below.

  • Body Molding: The kit include G wagon style body molding for Jimny 3 door, but if you want it for 5 doors then you need to order two extra molding strips for the extra 2 doors of the Jimny 5 door Indian variant.
  • Bonnet: In this kit you get G wagon Brabus look alike fibre plastic front bonnet that offers a G-63 look but it is not durable like the original G Wagon Bonnet.
  • Hydraulic strut for bonnet: The Maruti Jimny 5 door comes with normal rod to hold the bonnet but with this kit you get hydraulic strut for bonnet.
  • G-wagon look alike front and rear bumper: The kit includes front bumper which has big air intakes and the rear bumper to give it a bulky look.
  • Bumper guard (Bull Guard): The kit comes with front bumper guard or bull guard just like the G wagon, although bull guards are banned in india so it is up to you whether you want to order it or not.
  • Exhaust tip: The carbon fiber finished side exhaust tips are also included in the kit which completes the look of your Jimny G-Wagon.
  • Tail lamp: This G wagon style tail lights comes with g wagon style functionality.
  • Rear fenders: To give a wide look it includes rear side fenders which needs to be installed by an expert.
  • Fenders lights: The kit also includes the iconic G wagon fenders lights.
  • Fender liners: Fender liners are used inside the aftermarket fenders to give a neat and clean look.
  • Fender mounting plate: Fender mounting plates are used to install the fenders.
  • Front fenders: The replica of wide front fenders of G wagon is also included in the Jimny modification kit.
  • Side foot steps: The kit includes aluminum side foot steps for 3 door jimny but if you want to install it in 5 door Jimny then you need to contact the seller for long foot steps.
  • Foot steps holder: Foot steps holders are used to install the foot steps.
  • Headlight frame: The headlight frame is used to make sure the perfect alignment of the headlight.
  • LED Headlight: The G63 AMG style headlights are also included in the kit.
  • Light holder: The light holders are installed ko keep the lights in place.
  • Running board moldings: Running board moldings are installed above the side foot steps that enhances the overall look.
  • Front Grill: The G Wagon style front grill that has vertical slats is included in the kit without the logo. You can install Mercedes logo or Suzuki logo in the place given for the logo.
  • Number plate lights and side mirrors: The number plate lights and aerodynamically design side mirrors are also included in the kit.
  • Spare tyre cover: It has spare tyre cover that comes with chrome surrounds.
  • Door handles: The Jimny to G wagon body kit includes 3 door handles for 3 door Jimny and for 5 door Jimny you need to order two extra door handles.
  • Set of nuts and bolts: The kit also includes full set of nuts and bolts.

Second option – Body kit with alloy wheels and spacers

The second option of the kit comes with all the parts given the first option plus G wagon alloy wheels and set of extra spacers to install it.

Third option – Body kit with alloy wheels and tires

The third option of the kit comes with all the parts included in the first option plus alloy wheels and tires. The brand of the tyres are not mentioned.

It is not recommended to go for the seconds and third option because you can get better options of alloy wheels and tyres in India at a much cheaper rate.

5 door Suzuki Jimny to G-Wagon conversion body kit price list

The prices of the Jimmy to G-Wagon body kit are mentioned below.

Jimny body kit optionPrice (USD)Price (INR)
Jimny Body kit only$6,295Rs 5,30,000
Body kit + alloy wheels + spacers$7,605Rs 6,32,000
Body kit + alloy wheels + specers + tyres$8,175 Rs 7,00,000

Note: All the kit prices mentioned above did not include any shipping cost and you to follow the proper shipping procedure to bring the kits to india. The overall shipping cost will vary depending upon you location. It might cost an additional $1,000-1,200 or around Rs 80,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

To understand more about the Jimny to G wagon body kit watch the video shared by Carversal.

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Suzuki Jimny G Wagon FAQs

What is the cost of Jimny G class body kit?

The Gimny G Class body kit will cost around $6,295-$8,175 or in Indian rupees it will be around Rs 5,30,000 – 7,00,000.

How much is a Suzuki Jimny Brabus?

The modified Suzuki Jimny Brabus will cost around Rs 37 lakh.

What is the price of Jimny G Wagon in India?

The ex-showroom price of Maruti Suzuki starts from Rs 12.74 lakh and if you install a G wagon kit on it then it will cost you somewhere around Rs 20-22 lakh.

What is the price of Jimny G Mini?

The approximate price of Jimny G Mini is around Rs 20-22 lakh.