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Brabus is a company that makes performance kits for most luxury cars and sports cars. Brabus is famous for making custom Brabus body kits and performance kits for Mercedes G Wagon and this time they came up with something extraordinary. Brabus has revealed their dune buggy the Brabus Crawler and there will be only 15 of these will be produced.

Brabus Crawler exterior

The Brabus Crawler is based on the Mercedes G63 AMG but it has completely different characteristics and exterior look. It comes completely dune buggy design with proper caging to protect it from rollover.

Mercedes G wagon based Brabus Crawler
Mercedes G wagon based Brabus Crawler

In terms of looks, we can say that it is a monster buggy with massive power. you will see lots of Carbon fiber on the exterior which enhances the overall look of the car. The front fascia looks exactly like a G-Wagon Brabus but from the side it looks massive because of the height and exposed front and rear suspensions.

Brabus Crawler Side Profile
Brabus Crawler Side Profile

A spare tyre along with the wheel is mounted on the backside of the car which is very difficult to lift by one person. There is G Wagon-inspired spoiler too given on the back that comes with a carbon fiber finish along with the Brabus Badging. The Brabus 800 inspired air vents are also present in the Brabus Crawler.

There are no doors and windshield present in the car and it does not have any side mirrors too that’s why this is not a road-legal car.

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Brabus Crawler Interior

In the Brabus Crawler you get the uniquely designed seat with comfortable cushioning. It gets Carbon racing seats with BRABUS Marine Silvertex seat cover and Four-point seat belts with BRABUS logo.

Brabus Crawler interior
Brabus Crawler interior

The steering wheel comes with leather/Alcantara with the BRABUS logo. It has air vents in the roof for the front seats & rear seats and it gets Brabus Carbon Dashboard.

The Brabus Crawler comes 12 inch screen that features Raster maps, Topographic maps, Satellite imagery, Point to Point Navigation, route recording, and gpx import and export.

Brabus Crawler 12 inch touchscreen display
Brabus Crawler 12 inch touchscreen display

It has an Offshore VHF Intercom with four headsets that can be connected up to four helmets which is included in the car.

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Brabus Crawler engine and performance

The Brabus Crawler comes with a 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces the massive power of 900 Hp (662 kW) at 6200 rpm and max torque of 1250 Nm at 2900 rpm. To maintain the durability of the nine-speed automatic gearbox, torque is electronically restricted to 1,050 Nm (774 lb-ft).

Brabus Crawler Top speed and Mileage

Despite being an offroad dune buggy the Brabus Crawler is capable of accelerating from 0-100 kmph (0-62 mph) in just 3.4 seconds and it can hit the top speed of 160 kmph (99 mph).

It comes with 100 liters of the fuel tank and its approximate mileage is 2-4 kmpl.

Brabus Crawler Suspension and Dimension

Front Axleindependent chassis, double wishbone, coil spring made of high-strength steel wire
Front suspension strut milled from solid
Special anodized surface finish
Integrated heat sinks on front and rear axle, dampers 4-fold adjustable (rebound/compression – high speed/low speed)
Rear AxleRigid axle, trailing arm, coil spring made of high-strength steel wire
Shock absorber milled from solid
Special anodized surface finish
Shock absorber 4-way adjustable (rebound/compression – high speed/low speed)
Length4624 mm
Width2105 mm
Height2337 mm
Empty Weight2065 kg
Fuel tank capacity100 liter
Reserve Fuel12 liter

Brabus Crawler Price

Brabus Crawler Price (EUR)Price (USD)Price (INR)
Gross Price€891.3K$956.5K₹7.4 Crores
Net Price€749K$800K₹6.2 Crores

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Brabus Crawler FAQ’s

What is the Price of Brabus Crawler in India?

The expected gross price of Brabus Crawler in India is Rs 7.4 Crores.

What is the price of Brabus Crawler in USA?

The Gross price of Brabus Crawler in the USA is $800k.

Is Brabus Crawler road legal?

No, The Brabus Crawler is not road Legal.

Is Brabus Crawler limited in numbers?

Yes, there will be only 15 units of The Brabus Crawler will be made.

Is there any chance of road legalizing the Brabus Crawler?

It is expected that it can be legalized in some countries like UAE because earlier we see that Batmobile was road legal in Dubai.

Why Brabus Crawler is not road legal?

Because, the Brabus Crawler does not have any doors, windshields, mirrors, and other important kinds of stuff to make it road legal.