Honda Civic modified to Lamborghini Terzo Millennio by a youtuber

You must have heard that we Indians are very Jugadu, and this is 100% true. In India, many wealthy people own Lamborghini cars, including big businessmen and celebrities. But for those who don’t have 4-5 crore rupees, they use our Indian ingenuity and craftsmanship during such times. One such example is a YouTuber from Gujarat named Tanna Dhaval.

Tanna Dhaval has a great interest in bikes and cars, so he always keeps doing something with them. Last year, he made a bike with a Maruti 800 engine, creating an 800 cc bike that looks like a hand-made masterpiece. After that, he transformed a Benelli TNT 600i motorcycle into a BMW S1000RR.

And now, he has done something that will leave everyone amazed. He has converted a Honda Civic into a Lamborghini Terzo worth 20 crore rupees. Tanna Dhaval built this car entirely by himself.

Lamborghini Terzo made from Honda Civic
Lamborghini Terzo made from Honda Civic

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Process of making Lamborghini Terzo from Honda Civic:

To create the Lamborghini Terzo, first, he completely dismantled the Honda Civic, removing the engine, chassis, and interior. It’s worth mentioning that he designed the entire chassis from scratch for the Terzo car, placing the engine at the rear, unlike the Honda Civic, where the engine is at the front.

Next, he started working on the car’s body, molding it with clay and using acrylic sheets in place of the windows.

Time and cost of making the Lamborghini Terzo from Honda Civic:

It took Tanna Dhaval approximately a year to build his Lamborghini Terzo, and it cost him around 17-18 lakh rupees. One cannot tell at first glance that this car was made from a Honda Civic.

Modified Lamborghini Terzo images

Image source: Tanna Dhaval Instagram

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