Top 5 bike maintenance tips for Monsoon in 2024

Owning a motorcycle is a unique experience, but maintenance can be a headache, especially during the monsoon. Water damage can turn simple upkeep into costly repairs. To keep your bike in top condition and ensure safe rides through heavy rains and waterlogged streets, it’s essential to take preventive measures. Here are the top 5 tips to protect your motorcycle from water damage in monsoon season. 

Pre-monsoon check-up for your motorcycle

Before monsoon hits, you need to do a pre-monsoon check up for your bike and you need to keep some important points in your mind which we have mentioned below.

  1. Servicing: Before monsoon, you should service your bike to make sure it will not give you any problem during monsoon. Check Air filter, oil filter, engine oil, electrical, and chain sprocket.
  2. Tyre checkup: During monsoon, bikes sliding are normal but most of the times it happens due to old/worn out tyres so please make sure your bike tyres are in good condition. To check tyre condition, look for any cracks and also check Tyre Wear Indicator.
  3. Checking all lights: During monsoon, the very common issue faced by most of the riders are lights malfunction and proper working of lights including headlight, taillight, brake light and indicators are very important because it offers sufficient visibility in rain. So please make sure all the lights are working fine.
  4. Prevent corrosion: If the paint of your bike is chipping off and bare metal is visible then please make sure to paint that space before monsoon because it will get corroded as soon as the monsoon starts.

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Bike maintenance tips for monsoon

Below we have mention some tips to protect your bike during monsoon

Tip 1: Fuel tank protection:

If your motorcycle has a flat fuel tank cap, there is a high chance of water getting into the fuel tank, which can cause corrosion and engine issues. To protect it, cover the tank with waterproof plastic covers available both online and offline. To learn how to properly install a transparent fuel tank cover on your bike, watch this video.

Tip 2: Electrical switch protection

To ensure all the switches on your bike work properly, use anti-rust sprays like WD-40, which is an all-in-one solution for your bike. If your bike’s switches are not working properly, your ignition key is stuck, or your fuel tank cap is not opening, use this spray. It works in all conditions.

Tip 3: Prevent rusting

Rust is the real enemy of motorcycles, so it’s crucial to take preventive steps as soon as possible. Apply grease or petroleum jelly on your bike’s battery terminals, rubber oil seals of front suspensions, chrome parts, and any other areas that need protection.

Tip 4: Lubricate chain

Chain lubrication is crucial in all seasons, but during the monsoon, it becomes essential. Proper lubrication not only ensures a smooth ride but also provides protection against rust. Regularly lubricating your chain helps maintain your bike’s performance and extends its lifespan, keeping rust and other damage at bay. Here are some good chain lubricants that you can buy.

Best chain lube for bike
Best chain lube for bike

Tip 5: Use waterproof bike cover

It is always advisable to park your motorcycle in the shade. If shade parking isn’t available, use a waterproof bike cover, especially during the monsoon. There are multiple bike covers available in the market, but you should invest in a good-quality cover that provides adequate rain protection without causing scratches on the fuel tank or other bike parts. Also read: Top 5 best waterproof bike cover for rain in India

Bonus tip:

During the rainy season, a significant problem arises from rats. To avoid the rain, rats seek shelter under bikes, scooters, or cars. This leads to them chewing on the vehicle’s wires to make their nests, causing various issues. Therefore, before the rain begins, cover your bike or scooter’s wiring with a metal mesh or flexible metal pipe to prevent rats from damaging the wires.


Motorcycle riding in the rain can be enjoyable, but any mishap can result in significant losses. Ensure safe riding practices and take appropriate precautions during the monsoon season. Follow the tips mentioned above to protect your motorcycle from water damage effectively.

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