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A Youtuber has made India’s first Extra Long Wheelbase Bajaj Pulsar – Modified Pulsar NS 160

Nitin Umbaranikar who is a YouTuber and bike enthusiast has modified his Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 into an extra-long wheelbase dragster motorcycle. Previously he has done so many cool modifications on his motorcycle which you can see on his Youtube channel.

Previously he has modified his Pulsar NS to KTM RC which has transformer characteristics. This time he has brought his modification skill to the next level.

You might think this kind of modification would not be cheap but let me tell Nitin has done the modification for only Rs 20,000. You might wonder how he has done this job on a small budget, so the answer is, that he has used most of the parts from the scrapyard and he has done all the carpentery, welding, cutting, and installation works by himself.

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Amazingly modified Bajaj Pulsar NS
Amazingly modified Bajaj Pulsar NS

To modify his Pulsar NS to an extra-long wheelbase pulsar, he disassembled all the parts from the motorcycle. To expand the wheelbase, he added solid iron bars, modified the steering system and handlebars, tailored the seating position, put a new footrest and underbelly protector, replaced the chain, sprocket, and suspension system, and added a slew of metallic elements to keep the bike tough.

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Modified extra long wheelbase bajaj pulsar
Modified extra long wheelbase bajaj pulsar

Because of the uneven weight distribution in the central part, the extended wheelbase should not affect ground clearance or strength. Because of the extra-long wheelbase, the chain was not tight enough to move the bike smoothly so he added a bicycle gear shifter with little customization to keep the chain tight and inplaced.

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To give it a proper sports bike look he installed plastic body panels which he wrapped in attractive racing-style graphics and he wrapped the bike by himself. The color scheme is also fairly athletic, with silver and white wraps that complement the orange alloy wheels nicely.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS 160
Modified Bajaj Pulsar NS 160

The final riding position is quite low, but he explains that it doesn’t have as much of an impact on visibility as one might think. The headlights and taillights have been fitted with LED components. The LED lighting in the wheels appears to be cool in the night photos.

To prove its functionality he takes the bike on various terrains and he did some offroading with it as well. So what do you think about this amazingly modified extra-long wheelbase Bajaj Pulsar NS, please let us know in the comment.

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