MG ZS EV owner highly disappointed by the car and MG’s after-sales service | MG ZS EV Review

Sahil Khanna who is a Delhi-based digital marketer and Youtuber, he bought MG ZS EV last year and within a span of one year, he faced some serious issues with the car and was highly disappointed by MG’s after-sales services.

He was a big supporter of electric vehicles because it is an environmentally friendly and economically good option as compared to ICE cars and that’s why he bought the MG’s electric car.

As per the company’s claim, the MG ZS EV gives an approximate range of around 420 km, but the owner (Sahil Khanna) is getting around 260 km range which is very less compared to the company’s claim.

He complained about the low range at the time of the first service but didn’t get any satisfactory resolution.

Recently, he noticed an annoying sound in the car probably coming from behind the AC vents and when he went for the servicing and complained about that issue with video recording then the service center responded that this sound is normal in all-electric cars.

But interesting thing is that, he did not hear that sound in the last one year and this was the first time when he heard that sound.

After periodic service, he got the feedback survey call from MG in which he again addressed that issue and said he is not satisfied

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Then he sent his car for inspection again but still, he did not get any satisfactory resolution of the problem.

After that, he parked his car for 2 days in his parking because he took 2 day holiday from the office. But when after 2 days he went for starting his car, it didn’t start, showing some faulty error pop up on the display and he noticed some weird smell coming from the car.

Then he called RSA (Roadside Assistant) to tow his car but they sent a non-technical guy who does not have any idea about the car.

MG ZS EV owner highly disappointed
MZ ZS EV towed by RSA

As the MG ZS EV comes with an electronic parking brake so it is not able to move until you switch on the car. When Sahil Khanna said this to the RSA guy he started arguing that takeout your car first and you are wasting my time, etc.

When he again called the RSA they replied sir your car’s battery is dead and will send you a charged battery.

The next day they send a charged battery to jump-start the car but when they try to start the car it didn’t start and again showed a “Motor Fault Consult Handbook” error.

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MG ZS EV electric motor fault
MG ZS EV electric motor fault

The next day the RSA towed the car to the service center, after diagnosing the car in the service center they said, sir, there is some problem in the motor may be because of some mishandling.

They said maybe the battery is mishandled by the service center in which you serviced your car last time.

Now the owner of the MG ZS EV Sahil Khanna is feeling trapped and highly unsatisfied by the MG EV and MG’s after-sales service.

He drove his MG EV for only 4000 kilometers in the last one year and facing some serious issues with the car.

Now he does not want his car’s battery, motor or any other parts to be replaced instead he wants a new MG EV against this.

Sahil Khanna says he paid around Rs 26 lakh for the car to get some premium feel and service but now facing this kind of serious problem in the car that makes him frustrated.

To know the full scenario watch his video below.

Note: All the information mentioned above is based on the video shared by the Intellectual Indies youtube channel.

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