[LATEST] Honda Civic Modified to Lamborghini Aventador in India | Replica of Lamborghini

There is no limit to imagination, and a fine example of this is here, a group of people in Indore, India have modified the old Honda Civic to Lamborghini Aventador. At first glance, no one can identify that the car is modified.

There are a lot of people who wish to own a supercar like Lamborghini and Ferrari, but due to the hefty price tag of the car including high taxes, it becomes very difficult to own it for middle-class people.

But there is an alternate way for everything, and this is an example of it. A group of people in India have modified an old Honda Civic to Lamborghini with all custom-made body parts including bumper, scissor doors headlight, etc.

The owner of the car named it Silver shark because of the shark-style headlights and body styling.

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How the old Honda Civic modified to Lamborghini Aventador

Body Design

It all starts with an imagination of converting an old Civic to a Lamborghini. First of all, they made a proper diagram and design of the car. After doing a lot of research they started building all the custom-made body parts.

There is no place where you can get the modified parts of the Lamborghini Aventador that’s why they need to make it by their own hand. Everybody parts that you see on the car like bumper, scissor doors, quarter panel, quarter glass, C-pillar, D-pillar, skid plates, rear section, and everything have been custom-made by themselves.

Lamborghini Aventador modification with scissor doors from honda Civic
Lamborghini Aventador modification with scissor doors from honda Civic

The modified Lamborghini has custom body graphics which are also painted, original civic’s electrically operated outside rearview mirrors. Aventador badging on the car, Rearview camera, and so on.

In spite of being a fully modified car, it still has around 400 liters of boot space and two seats at the rear, which means it is not a two-seater car like the original Lamborghini.

In the rear section, it has a dual working exhaust, skid plates which is the part of the body, custom made taillight, running DRL, and a custom made spoiler which is first designed on metal then molded on fiber.

Customize Lamborghini Aventador wheels

After building the body of the Lamborghini Aventador, they noticed that the old Honda Civic’s wheels were showing too much inside and needed to be taken out. So they made Custom spacers for the 19-inch wheel to match the body styling and it worked out very well.

Honda Civic modified to Convertible Lamborghini

The main attraction of the modified Lamborghini is that it has convertible features as well. The rooftop of the car can be opened by just pressing the button. The convertible features of the car made it look more like a real one.

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Lamborghini Aventador convertible modified from Honda Civic
Lamborghini Aventador convertible modified from Honda Civic


The interior of the civic modified Lamborghini is also impressive as it has an original honda Civics dashboard with dashboard lighting and a touchscreen music player. It has dual-tone colored inside door panels made with a combination of fiber and fabric.

The seats are also the same but are stitched with different styling and cushioning. It also has the same steering, gear nob, and center console as the honda civic.

The seating space is also decent in the front row as well as the second row.

Honda Civic modified to Lamborghini price.

The cost of modifying an old Honda Civic to a Lamborghini Aventador is around Rs 17 lakh.

Where to modify old cars to sportscar

You can get the modification done at – Firoj khan, near Tin Imli bus stand Indore (MP)

Contact No – 7974836152

Modified Honda Civic to Lamborghini Aventador

Watch The Complete video of the Magneto 11 below to understand in detail how the Honda Civic was modified to Lamborghini.

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