5 Tips when having a Car Towed

Suppose you are traveling, and your car has a mechanical breakdown. What will you do? Though I know it’s obvious you’ll check out the dashboard, or you will reach out to the nearest garage or mechanic available. This is the quickest solution that can help you, but you won’t find a mechanic every mile. A car breakdown won’t even let you drive. Besides, you wouldn’t always find accommodation nearby. Even if you find them often, you might need to travel nearby. Moreover, you often want to take your car to a safer place. 

5 Tips when having a Car Towed.
5 Tips when having a Car Towed.

In such a scenario, car breakdown services are what you need the most. One of the commonest and much-needed services is a car tow. Your car must have been towed when parked illegally, yet it also has several benefits.  It transports your car to the desired location wherein, more preferable, and everyone chooses their home. When you get your car towed, then the tower has a big responsibility in its hands for safe execution. Therefore, it’s necessary to get good quality car towing services

For getting good car towing services you can also avail the RSA plans that involve a Roadside Assistance plans comprehensive range of services, including car towing. You can consider checking Droom for RSA services their instant support and safe tow ensure that your car is in the right hands and you regret your decision. However, they recommend some tips you should remember before getting your car towed. 

5 Tips when having a Car Towed

Five tips would make your car towing experience worth the consideration. The following is a list of the same:

  • Remove your Belongings and Documentation: Before letting your car on the towing service, you should collect all your belongings and other items from the car and keep them with you. So that none of them gets misplaced or damaged. Besides, you must also take all your vehicle documents, including RC and insurance, with you. It’s always better to be careful and responsible. 

Whether or not the towing service falls under your Car Road Assistance policy is mandatory. Some towing services, when under insurance, are careless with their attitude. Often insurance companies look for cheap services that don’t assure safety. If it’s not under insurance, then you can get a poor-quality towing service. 

  • Click Pictures Before the Tow: Not a tip but a necessary step you must follow to ensure your car’s safety through the process. Ensure that you click pictures of your car from every possible angle before the tow truck arrival. Reckless towing services damage the car; that’s the reason your car is vulnerable with most of the towing services out there. So, clicking pictures is recommended to prove the car damage. 
  • Disengage the Emergency Brakes: Before giving your car to a tow truck, it is necessary to disengage the emergency brakes. You need to turn off the emergency brakes. Else during the tow, it would be damaged. Though it’s the responsibility of towing service to disengage the brakes, your car is your responsibility. Besides, not everyone fulfills their responsibilities; however, it would be foolish to damage your e-brakes due to someone else’s negligence. Therefore, before the tow truck picks up your car, you must disengage them. 
  • Make sure that the Windows are closed: The tip seems an ordinary thing, but it is crucial to follow. When you close all the windows before the tow, it ensures that nothing gets inside your car, whether dust or debris. Besides, in disastrous situations, you can keep your car and its interiors safe, like during storms or anything else. Moreover, it also avoids car thefts as your car will no longer be prone to such things as Windows are closed. 
  • Arrange the way that helps the towing service access your car: Often, you won’t be around when your car needs to be towed. Therefore, to avoid any mishappening, you should plan the way the towing service could tow your car in your absence. Even if you can’t arrange spare keys for them, you must hide your original keys somewhere in the car so they could use them, and it would be safe from intruders. A magnetic key box is also an incredible option to help with the process.

Moreover, it would be convenient if you could have someone who provides faster services, even work 24×7 for convenience. There are many RSA service providers which is the main reason that vehicle roadside assistance market size is growing from last many years. 

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