Top 10 Must-Have Accessories and parts for Ford Bronco in 2022

The Ford Bronco comes with lots of accessories for enhancing its look and making it more off-roader but there are only a few accessories that you must have. In this article, you will get to know the Top 10 Must-Have Accessories and parts for Ford Bronco.

The Ford Bronco is an off-road beast that comes with two engine options 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbocharged and 2.7 liter V6 twin-turbocharged. Its engine produces the max power of 330 HP at 5250 rpm and a peak torque of 415 lb-ft at 3100 rpm. Its engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and it sends power to all four wheels.

The four-cylinder variant of the Ford Bronco gives an approximate fuel economy of 20 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway. The V6 variant of the Bronco gives an approximate fuel economy of 17 mpg in both city and highway because it has aggressive and oversized tyres.

The price of Ford Bronco in the United States starts from $32,395 and it goes up to $54,545. Check out the Top 10 best accessories for Ford Bronco mentioned below.

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10 Must-Have Accessories and parts for Ford Bronco

2021-2022 Bronco 17 x 8.5-inch Beadlock wheel kit - Sasquatch

1. Bronco 17 x 8.5-inch Beadlock wheel kit – Sasquatch

Price: $815

Part No. M-1007-DC17A

Beadlock wheels are a must. Beadlocks are simply cool, whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or because you’re actually hitting the rocks. This kit contains a 17-inch gloss black Beadlock-capable wheel, trim ring, Beadlock ring kit, and the Bronco center cap, as well as everything else required to have the same setup as the Bronco Sasquatch. Remember that the pricing only includes one wheel and does not include the tyre before getting really happy about it. You will require at least four.

Ford Performance by Warn Bronco Winch Kit

2. Ford Performance by Warn Bronco Winch Kit

Price: $3,500

Part No. M-1821-B

When off-roading or Overlanding, a winch is a crucial recovery tool. This winch kit for Broncos with the factory modular front bumper was created in collaboration between Ford Performance and Warn. It comes with a Warn 10,000-pound winch, a front license plate bracket, a 100-foot spydura synthetic winch line, a 10,000-pound winch hook, bracketry and hardware, a red hook strap, a wired remote control.

Ford Performance by ARB portable air compressor kit

3. Ford Performance by ARB portable air compressor kit

Price: $405


After a trail ride, stop mooching off your friend and “air up” your own damned tyres. This portable air compressor (2.65 C.F.M., 22.9 amps, 50 percent duty cycle) kit by ARB weighs under 20 pounds and includes everything you need. The kit includes a 19-foot air hose, battery clamps, and ARB press-fit air chuck—all in a tidy carrying case. This could be one of the best Ford Bronco accessories which you can have.

2021-2022 Bronco Sasquatch fender flare kit for Ford Bronco

4. Bronco Sasquatch fender flare kit

Price: $495


What’s the solution to life’s major issues, or at the very least, how can you cover the larger, wider tyres you threw under your Bronco? Obviously, larger fender flares. These larger, beefier fender flares, straight from the Sasquatch, will upgrade your Bronco. Fortunately, the package comes with all four fender flares, and you can install these removable fenders using only your own hands.

Bronco mirror-mounted off-road lights - must have accessories for Ford Bronco

5. Bronco mirror-mounted off-road lights

Price: $430


These lights are 28-watt, 3,060-lumens Rigid 360-Series 4-inch round drive-pattern LED lights surrounded by a black aluminum alloy housing that can illuminate the terrain ahead. Its wiring works with the Bronco’s factory auxiliary switches. These mirror-mounted off-road lights are developed by Ford Performance and Rigid.

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Bronco roof-rack-mounted off-road light

6. Bronco roof-rack-mounted off-road light

Price: $1,350


When it comes to off-roading and Overlanding, light bars are unquestionably fashionable.  This light bar kit, developed in collaboration with Ford Performance and Rigid, includes a 40-inch SR-Series light bar as well as the necessary brackets, harness, and mounting hardware for mounting it to the roof rack. For attaching straight to the roof, there is a slightly different part number. The Bronco’s stock auxiliary switches are compatible with the light bar.

2021-2022 Bronco 2.7L sport-tuned axle-back exhaust (black chrome tips) - ford bronco accessories

7. 2021-2022 Bronco 2.7L sport-tuned axle-back exhaust (black chrome tips)

Price: $1,265


Change the Bronco’s factory exhaust system for something a little more aggressive to have some fun. This system uses stock hangers and mounts and is legal in all 50 states. It has a 2.75-inch intake and 2.50-inch tailpipes and is made of 304 stainless steel. Make sure to select the right engine—either the 2.3-liter or the 2.7-liter one. There are separate part numbers for them.

Best fogg light for ford Bronco

8. Bronco off-road fog light kit

Price: $495


Replace the original fog lights with a set of Rigid’s 360-Series 4-inch circular lights in the base/non-modular bumper of your 2021–2022 Ford Bronco. It is preassembled and plug-and-play to ensure that the factory fog light switch may be utilized. It connects to the factory fog light harness.

Off-road underbody/rock light kit

9. Off-road underbody/rock light kit

Price: $415


This kit was developed in cooperation with Ford Performance and Rigid and contains four Rigid A-Series LED rock lights, 15-foot leads for each light, a power distribution block, a switch, and light mounts. Rock lights can be used for a variety of purposes, so specific mounting hardware is not included.

ARB Tred Pro recovery boards best accessories for ford bronco

10. ARB Tred Pro recovery boards

Price: $340


This recovery board becomes very helpful when your tyres are stuck. To get traction beneath a stalled tyre, place these gunmetal grey ARB TRED Pro recovery boards. Hex grip nodules (those orange bumps on top), EXOTRED composite structure, glass-filled resin nylon teeth to prevent wheelspin damage, and design optimization taking into account 4×4 tyre size and tread patterns are all necessary for a strong yet flexible recovery board.

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