Aprilia RS 457 revealed, launching soon – RC 390 rival

The Aprilia RS 457, rivaling KTM RC 390 and Yamaha R3, debuts globally with striking looks and a potent 457 cc parallel-twin engine generating around 47 bhp.

In an exciting development for motorcycle enthusiasts across India, Aprilia, the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced its latest masterpiece, the Aprilia RS 457. This superbike, deeply rooted in Aprilia Racing’s rich heritage, signifies a significant stride in the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance and style to fervent motorcyclists.

A Perfect Timing: Indian Debut During the First MotoGP Race

The Indian debut of the Aprilia RS 457 aligns perfectly with India’s inaugural MotoGP race, underlining the close bond between Aprilia’s racing expertise and the creation of this extraordinary motorbike. Aprilia’s dominance in the world of racing, boasting an impressive 297 Grand Prix World Championship victories, has profoundly influenced the brand’s identity and technical prowess.

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Aprilia RS 457 price in india
Aprilia RS 457 price in india

Iconic Design Meets Modern Innovation in the RS 457

Remaining true to its roots, the RS 457 embodies the iconic design of the RS range, featuring a double front fairing, underbelly silencer, and a sleek 2-in-1 exhaust. The full LED front headlamp carries the distinctive light signature of Aprilia’s larger super sports bikes, while the dashboard showcases a 5-inch TFT color instrument cluster, adding a touch of modern elegance.

A Successor to Greatness – Building on the RS 660 Legacy

Continuing the legacy of the highly successful Aprilia RS 660, which earned the title of Europe’s best-selling sports bike, the RS 457 inherits the winning formula that redefined the sports bike segment. Its lightweight construction, exceptional handling, and cutting-edge technological features make it equally adept on both the road and the racetrack.

Aprilia RS 457 launch date in india
Aprilia RS 457 launch date in india

Power and Precision – The Heart of the RS 457

One of the most notable features of the RS 457 is its state-of-the-art liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine, complete with double camshaft timing and four valves per cylinder. This powerplant churns out an impressive 48 horsepower while effectively minimizing vibrations, promising a unique and exhilarating riding experience. Furthermore, the RS 457’s remarkable power-to-weight ratio, boasting a dry weight of 159 kg (175 kg when wet), sets it apart from its rivals, showcasing Aprilia’s unwavering dedication to performance and rider satisfaction.

Aprilia has painstakingly integrated technological innovations from the world of racing into the RS 457, transforming it into a road-ready sports bike. Its aluminum frame, inspired by decades of racing triumphs, offers exceptional stiffness and agility. The suspension system, featuring a ΓΈ41 mm fork with preload adjustability and a monoshock on a steel swingarm, ensures precise handling.

The RS 457’s braking capabilities are equally impressive, boasting a 320 mm front disc equipped with a ByBre radial-mount 4-piston caliper, along with a 220 mm rear steel disc. For added safety, a two-channel ABS system is in place. This superbike rides on 17-inch sports rims fitted with 110/70 front and 150/60 rear tires, ensuring outstanding grip and maneuverability.

Aprilia RS 457
Aprilia RS 457

Cutting-Edge Electronics Elevate the Riding Experience

The new Aprilia RS 457 comes equipped with a superbike-level electronic package, featuring a Ride by Wire system with three riding modes that adjust power delivery and traction control. Riders have the option to fine-tune their experience with three levels of traction control or disable it entirely. Additionally, a quickshifter is available as an accessory, further enhancing the bike’s performance.

A Game-Changer in the World of Sports Bikes

The Aprilia RS 457 promises to revolutionize the realm of sports bikes, offering an exhilarating riding experience that pays homage to Aprilia’s racing heritage and unwavering commitment to performance. With its arrival in India on the horizon, enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate experiencing this technological marvel on both the road and the track. The official launch is expected soon.

Aprilia RS 457 instrument console
Aprilia RS 457 instrument console

Image source: Aprilia.com

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