XIAOMI SU7 electric sedan with 800km range revealed – everything you need to know

The Xiaomi SU7, a battery electric full-size sedan, has been developed by the Chinese company Xiaomi and is produced under contract by BAIC Off-road. Its announcement took place in December 2023, and customer deliveries for the Chinese market are slated for February 2024.

Xiaomi has officially applied for a sales license for its first electric vehicle (EV) in China, the SU7 Sedan. Xiaomi unveiled the SU7, which measures a length of 4,997 mm with a wheelbase of 3,000 mm. The vehicle will be available in multiple configurations and variants, namely V6, V6s, and V8s.

The XIAOMI SU7 electric sedan is equipped with a single electric motor that generates nearly 300 PS and 400 Nm of torque, exclusively driving the rear axle. It boasts a 101 kWh battery pack with a developer-claimed range of 800 km.

The vehicle features 21,000 rpm Hyper Engine electric motors and a fast charger capable of providing a 390 km range in just ten minutes. With a combined power output of 673 PS from the twin electric motor setup, it accelerates from zero to 100 kmph in an impressive 2.78 seconds and achieves a top speed of 265 kmph, with each motor driving a separate axle.

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XIAOMI SU7 Electric sedan exterior:

The XIAOMI SU7 Electric Sedan embodies a sleek and aerodynamic design, drawing inspiration from McLaren’s supercars for its front fascia. Teardrop-style LED headlamps, a blanked-off grille, and stylish black accents contribute to its modern aesthetic. The bodywork is smooth and flowing, accentuated by a coupe-like roofline that integrates a roof scoop. The 20-inch dual-tone alloy wheels, paired with vibrant yellow brake calipers, enhance the sedan’s sporty appeal.

XIAOMI SU7 exterior
XIAOMI SU7 exterior

Safety and innovation are paramount in the SU7, with Accurate LIDAR sensors seamlessly integrated into the design to enhance safety features. Additionally, flush door handles not only contribute to the sedan’s aerodynamics but also showcase a modern and sophisticated touch.

Moving to the rear, the connecting LED taillights, inspired by a full-width design akin to McLaren’s signature C-shaped lights, provide a premium sedan look. The bold Xiaomi logo adds a final touch of elegance to the rear profile, creating a distinctive and stylish identity.

XIAOMI SU7 Interior:

The interior of the XIAOMI SU7 Electric Sedan, crafted by BMW and Mercedes-Benz designers, exudes modern luxury. A sleek, minimalist design welcomes occupants, featuring a prominent 16.1-inch central touchscreen infotainment system with a button-free central console. Rear passengers enjoy dual tablet-like entertainment screens for an indulgent experience.

XIAOMI SU7 interior and infotainment screen
XIAOMI SU7 interior and infotainment screen

The sedan offers two distinct interior themes at launch, complemented by a color palette featuring Aqua Blue, Mineral Gray, and Verdant Green. This combination of sophisticated design, advanced technology, and customizable options positions the XIAOMI SU7 as a premier choice for those seeking an innovative and luxurious electric sedan.

XIAOMI SU7 Specifications:

Brand NameXiaomi
ModelSU7, 2024
Release DateDecember 25, 2023
ColourBlack, White, Silver, Blue and Red
Basic Price40,000 USD
Made InChina: Beijing Automotive Group Co.(BAIC)


PowerRWD 299 hp (220 kW)
Torque295 Ib-ft (400 Nm)
Acceleration5.3 sec 0-62 mph
Max speed130 mph(210 km/h)
Battery Capacity73.6 kWh total
Battery typeLi-ion LFP battery(400v type)
Range497 mi (800 km)


Center16.1 inch touchscreen
Driver’s7.1 inch

XIAOMI SU7 comfort and safety:

The XIAOMI SU7 prioritizes both comfort and safety, ensuring a premium driving experience. Its interior features heated and ventilated front seats for personalized climate control, accompanied by a panoramic glass sunroof that enhances the overall sense of spaciousness. Parking is made effortless with front and rear sensors, a 360-degree camera, reversing camera, and an Automatic Parking Assistance System.

XIAOMI SU7 electric sedan range
XIAOMI SU7 electric sedan range

In terms of safety, the SU7 is equipped with a comprehensive airbag system, including front, side, rear, and head airbags. An array of driving aids, such as 1 LIDAR, 3mm Wave radars, 11 cameras, and 12 sensors, contribute to advanced safety features.

These include Forward/Rear/Lateral Collision Prevention, Lane Change Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring, High Beam Assist, Blind Spot Alert, and Door Open Warning. The inclusion of a robust autonomous driving system further solidifies the XIAOMI SU7’s commitment to safety on the road.

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