Top 7 best accessories for bike in monsoon in 2023

Monsoon is already started and we all have to face many problems because of that. As a bikers, we know that riding bikes in the rain can be very painful and hectic. provides all the accessories you need to protect your bike from the rain, so we are going to tell you the top 10 best accessories for bikes in the monsoon.

01) Waterproof Rider Gear:

The first thing in our list is Waterproof riding gear which is very important in monsoon. Before protecting our bike we have to protect ourself, therefore, waterproof riding gear is essential for every biker.

Waterproof raincoat:

The devil waterproof raincoat is suitable for both women and men riders. The overall quality of the product is very good and it is very durable too.

Top 7 best accessories for bike in monsoon in 2019
accessories for bike in monsoon in 2019

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Devil waterproof raincoat features:

  • Bike/Scooter Water Proof Coated Unisex Rain Coat with carry bag
  • Double Layer Inner and outer Layer made form Durable Water impermeable Polyester
  • Size WILL FIT TO M/L/XL/XL Shirt wearing people
  • Reliable performance

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02) Waterproof shoe rain cover:

Waterproof shoe cover for bike
Waterproof cover for shoes

In monsoon season our shoes are getting dirty most of the time and we need to protect our shoes from rain and dirt. Therefore waterproof shoe rain cover is must for every biker.


03) Backpack covers.

Backpack covers are essential for the peaple who go to office and college on bikes. Some time you can not wear your raincoat over backpack at that time you need to cover your backpack with water proof backpack cover. In monsoon, it is a very good accessories for bike.

04) Ventilated Helmets.

One of the biggest problem during monsoon is Fogg on helmet viser. The problem rises due to lack of ventilation which keeps the condensed air inside the helmet, thus fogging the visor.

Ventilated helmet
Ventilated helmet

Buying a normal helmet may be good for you but investing a little bit more money on buying ventilated helmet will be a good decision for you. Especially when it rains ventilated helmets perform very well.

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05) Anti Fog Rainproof Helmet Shield Film

In monsoon season it is very difficult to ride bike in monsoon. Because of the rains visibility in helmet become very poor therefore it is very important and must have accessories for a biker. In monsoon, it is a very good accessory for bike.

Anti Fog Rainproof Helmet Shield Film
Anti Fog Rainproof Helmet Shield Film

06) Hazard lights flasher

Unlike cars, most motorcycles do not receive a hazard light switch. However, installing one is no rocket science and all it takes is a switch and some wiring modifications to get one on your motorcycle.

You can either purchase a hazard light switch from an Indian dealer or buy one from eBay for 1/4th of the price quoted here. I bought a pair for INR 250, shipping included, while some local dealers quoted anywhere between INR 400-700 for a single piece.

Hazard light flasher for bike - best bike accessory
Hazard light flasher for bike

Getting the switch installed and wiring modifications from a local mechanic will cost another INR 100-200 bucks. Hazard lights improve your vehicle’s visibility during downpours or in low visibility conditions.

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Source: Motoroids

07) Bike blazer (waterproof bike cover)

In monsoon season it is very important to protect our bike from the rain. If we park our bike in shades then it’s ok but if you park your bike in open place then the rain will damage the electricals of the bike.

There are so many other bike covers are available in the market but all of them are not fully waterproof. Keeping a bike cover some time became very irritating because some time we forgot where we kept the bike cover.

Rollable waterproof bike cover
Rollable waterproof bike cover

Bike blazer is a waterproof bike cover which provides good protection to the bike from rain. One of the coolest features of the bike blazer is that it will stick to your bike so that you will never have a problem of forgetting where you kept it.

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  1. For me, 10 best accessories for a bike in Monsoon would be as below-
    1- Bike Seat Cover
    2- Body Cover
    3- Bungee Cords
    4- Helmets
    5- Raincoats
    6- Bike Chargers
    7- Saddle Bags
    8- Riding Jackets
    9- Handle Wraps
    10- Riding Shoes

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