Mumbai Dairy king Swaran Paji added a new Yellow beast in his garage, The Bentley GT speed.

Mumbai’s dairy king Swaranjeet bajaj AKA Swaran paji added a new yellow coloured Bentley GT speed in his garage which is priced at around Rs 4 crores.

Swaran paji is a mumbai based businessman who runs a chain of dairy products and he has many franchises in mumbai.

Swaran paji became very famous because of his bikes and car collection and most of the bikes in his collection are limited and expensive ones. Recently he bought the BMW HP2 which is the only one in India.

Swaran Paji's new BMW HP2
Swaran Paji's new BMW HP2

One more famous thing about Swaran paji which makes him different from others is his love for yellow color. Almost all his bikes and cars are in Yellow color and his garage too painted in yellow color. Click here to see the bike and car collection of swaran paji.

Swaran paji recently bought the Bentley GT Speed in Yellow color which is his signature color. Surely the new Bentley GT speed will enhance the beauty of his garage. 

Swaran Paji's Bentley GT speed in Yellow color

The other cars in his collections are KIA Carnival, Toyota fortuner and BMW 5 series

Famous youtubers like Mumbiker Nikhil and JS films are very good friends of Swaran paji and you can see him in their youtube videos.

Specifications of Bentley GT speed

The Bentley GT speed is powered by 6 litre twin-turbocharged W12 petrol engine which produces the max power of 626 bhp at 6000 rpm and 820 Nm of max torque at 1700 rpm.

The car comes with 8 speed automatic transmission with paddle shift and sport mode. It is a two door car and it can be customized as per the customer’s taste. 

The approximate ex-showroom price of the Bentley GT Speed is around Rs 4.04 crore.