Top 10 most sold 150-200cc bikes in March 2023

The 150-200cc segment has witnessed consistent growth over the years, thanks to new and exciting offerings from various two-wheeler manufacturers. The affordability and fuel efficiency of lower-capacity bikes, coupled with rising costs of larger capacity bikes, contribute to the popularity of this segment.

In March 2023, the 150-200cc segment experienced year-on-year (YoY) and month-on-month (MoM) sales growth. The total sales reached 109,007 units, marking a 3.51 percent increase from the 105,308 units sold in March 2022. This translates to a volume growth of 8,787 units. MoM sales also improved by 6.25 percent, rising from 102,591 units in February 2023.

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Most sold 150-200 cc motorcycles

In March 2023, The TVS Apache has gained first spot in the top selling 150-200 cc bikes segment. TVS has registered a 32.02% YoY growth by selling 36,226 units of the Apache in March 2023. In March 2022 the sales figure was 27,439. It has registered a MoM growth of 3.70%. Currently the TVS Apache has market share of 33.73% in the segment. Notably, the TVS Apache series achieved a milestone of over 5 million units (50 lakh) sold since its launch in 2005.

Taking the second position was the Bajaj Pulsar, recording sales of 30,756 units in March 2023. This represents a YoY growth of 22.43 percent from the 25,121 units sold in March 2022. On a MoM basis, sales increased by 15.89 percent compared to the 26,539 units sold in February 2023. The Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and NS200 were launched in March 2023, coinciding with feature and engine updates for the Pulsar 125cc. Currently, Bajaj Pulsar holds a 28.21 percent market share in this segment.

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The Yamaha FZ secured third place with sales of 19,092 units in March 2023. However, it experienced a YoY decline of 17.05 percent from the 23,016 units sold in March 2022. On a positive note, sales improved compared to the 17,262 units sold in February 2023. Yamaha recently reintroduced the FZ-S V3 Matte Black variant, which had been discontinued earlier. Following the Yamaha FZ were the R15 and MT15 with sales of 7,581 units and 6,201 units, respectively, in March 2023.

In terms of sales volume, some motorcycles in this segment recorded figures below 5,000 units in March 2023. The Hero Xpulse 200 experienced a slight YoY decline of 0.83 percent, with sales totaling 4,525 units compared to 4,563 units in March 2022. However, it demonstrated remarkable MoM growth of 175.91 percent compared to the 1,640 units sold in February 2023.

The KTM200 saw a YoY growth of 50.03 percent with 2,915 units sold in March 2023, but MoM sales declined by 10.42 percent compared to February 2023.

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The Avenger registered 1,572 units in March 2023, down from 1,582 units in March 2022, while MoM sales improved by 1.88 percent compared to February 2023.

The Xtreme 160R/200 faced YoY and MoM de-growth, with sales dropping to 105 units, reflecting a significant decline of 92.55 percent and 77.27 percent, respectively.

The Kawasaki W175 secured the 10th position on the list, with 32 units sold in March 2023. However, it experienced a MoM de-growth of 59.49 percent compared to the 79 units sold in February 2023.

Sales of the CB200X plummeted to just 2 units in March 2023, down from 441 units in March 2022, with no sales recorded in February 2023. Additionally, the Gixxer, Unicorn, XBlade, and Hornet 2.0, which had achieved sales figures of 1,698 units, 1,339 units, 6 units, and 5 units, respectively, in February 2023, saw a complete drop in sales in March 2023.

The 150-200cc motorcycle segment continues to witness a dynamic market, with some models thriving and others facing challenges. Manufacturers will need to continuously innovate and offer compelling features to attract consumers in this competitive segment.


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