Expensive Cars and bikes owned by YouTuber Ashwin Singh takiar.

If you love superbikes and expensive bikes then you must visit Ashwin Singh takiar’s youtube channel because he upload interesting videos of his bikes and cars. In this post we are going to tell you the Expensive cars and bikes owned by Youtuber Ashwin Singh Takiar.

Who is Ashwin Singh Takiar?

Ashwin Singh takiar
Ashwin Singh takiar | source: instagram

Ashwin Singh Takiar is a Delhi based businessman and automobile enthusiast who love to ride sports bikes and expensive powerful cars. Ashwin is already a very rich man but his passion for bikes and cars brought him to YouTube and he became Youtuber.

Cars and Bikes owned by Youtuber Ashwin Singh Takiar

Ashwin Singh takiar bike garaze
Ashwin Singh takiar bike garaze | source: instagram

Expensive bikes of Ashwin Singh Takiar

As we mentioned that Ashwin is bike enthusiast that is why he owns a lot of bikes. The main highlights of his garage are The Yamaha R1M which is fully customized and wrapped in Joker edition and the other one is Royal Enfield Continental GT which is also fully customized. 

All the Bikes of Ashwin Singh Takiar are mention below. 

Yamaha R1M joker edition

The Main eye-catching bike of Ashwin takiar’s garage is Yamaha R1M which is fully custom wrapped with Joker graphics worth Rs 35,000/-. He has spent approximately Rs 8 lakh only on the modification of the bike

Ashwin Singh takiar with his custom Yamaha R1M
Ashwin Singh takiar with his custom Yamaha R1M | source: instagram

His Yamaha R1M is the only bike with that kind of modification available in India. Talking about some of the modifications, It has Akrapovic full system titanium exhaust with carbon fiber protection plate. The cost of Akrapovic exhaust is Rs 1.75 lakh.

Yamaha R1M joker wrapped
Yamaha R1M joker wrapped | source: instagram

Stock Yamaha R1M

Ashwin Singh Takiar has two Yamaha R1M one is in stock condition and another one is a fully customized Yamaha R1M. 

Specification of Yamaha R1M

The Yamaha R1M is powered by 998 cc forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder oil cooled DOHC engine which produces 200 PS power at 13500 rpm and 112.4 Nm torque at 11500 rpm. It has 17 litre fuel tank.

It comes with a lot of features like dual channel ABS, Unified Braking System, Riding Modes, Traction Control, Power Modes, Launch Control and many more.

Suzuki Intruder M1800R boss edition

Recently Ashwim Singh Takiar gifted his father a Suzuki Intruder 1800 boss edition worth Rs 18 lakh. Ashwin kept 7 Suzuki intruders even before this and this is his 8 intruder it shows how much he passionate about his bikes.

Ashwin Singh takiar with his Suzuki intruder
Ashwin Singh takiar with his Suzuki intruder | source: instagram

Specification of Suzuki Intruder M1800R

The Suzuki intruder 1800 is a cruiser bike which is powered by 1783 cc V-twin cylinder liquid cooled DOHC engine and it is shaft driven bike with 5 speed gearbox.

It has Dual channel ABS and analogue digital instrument console.

Custom Royal Enfield continental GT 650

The Royal Enfield continental GT 650 which Ashwin Singh Takiar owns is a fully customized bike with a modification cost worth Rs 6 lakh.

Ashwin Takiar modified his continental GT to keep it in his office as a showpiece and it is a bike that has to be kept as a showcase, I mean if you are a café racer lover then you will this bike a lot. 

Watch his video to know about the detailed explanation about his fully customized Continental GT650

BMW F 850 GS

Ashwin singh is a sport bike lover but after he started his Youtube channel he came to know more about the touring on bike therefore he purchased brand new BMW F 850 GS. 

He wanted to buy BMW 1250 GSA but because he does not have any experience of long tour on bike that is why he bought the F850GS.

Ashwin singh takiar on BMW F 850 GS
Ashwin singh takiar on BMW F 850 GS | source: instagram

Specification of BMW F 850 GS

The F850GS comes with 853 cc twin cylinder liquid cooled engine which produces 95.17 PS at 8250 rpm and 92 Nm torque at 6250 rpm. It has 6 speed gearbox and 15 liter fuel tank.

The bike comes with the feature like dual channel ABS, charging point, navigation and many more.

KTM Duke 390

Ashwin Singh takiar recently bought the KTM Duke 390 for his daily purpose. He gifted this Duke 390 to one of his employees. 

Ashwin Singh takiar ktm duke 390
Ashwin Singh takiar ktm duke 390 | source: instagram

Specification of KTM Duke 390

The KTM duke 390 is powered by a 373 cc single liquid-cooled BS6 engine which produces 43 Bhp at 9000 rpm and 37 Nm torque at 7000 rpm. The Bike comes with dual-channel ABS and Up-side down suspension at the front.

Expensive cars of Ashwin Singh Takiar

Ashwin Singh Takiar owns many cars but only few are shown his vlogs. The Car collection of Ashwin Takiar inludes AUDI TT worth Rs 65 lakh, Two Ford endeavors and Mercedes benz S-class. 

Audi TT

Ashwin owns a preowned Audi TT worth Rs 65 lakh. It is a two seater coupe car available in one variant, one engine and one automatic transmission option. 

cars and bikes owned by Youtuber Ashwin Singh Takiar
Ashwin Singh takiar's Audi TT | source: instagram

The Audi TT is powered by 1984 cc four cylinder engine which produces 226.6 bhp at 4500-6200 rpm and 370 Nm torque at 1600-4300 rpm. The car is only available in petrol variant with a fuel tank capacity of 55 liters.

Ford Endeavor

Ashwin singh owns two Ford endeavors one he kept for his personal use and other one is for his office use. When he has to move his bike for modification, he at simply attach his bike trolly to the back of the car and pull the trolly towards his destination.

cars and bikes owned by Youtuber Ashwin Singh Takiar
Ashwin Singh takiar's for endevours | source: instagram

Mercedes Benz S-class

In the luxury segment, he owns a Mercedes S-class which he rarely used. Ashwin kept the S class because of the massive V12 engine. He said in one of his vlogs that he loves the Mercedes S-class only because of it’s V12 engine.

Ashwin Singh takiars mercedes benz S-class
Ashwin Singh takiars mercedes benz S-class | source: instagram

The Mercedes S-class is powered by 5980 cc V12 cylinder biturbo engine which produces massive 630bhp at 5000 rpm and massive 1000 Nm torque at 2300-4200 rpm. It comes with 7 speed automatic transmission.

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