How to Find Fair Market Price of Any Used Car?

The decision of selling used cars is to earn the best revenues. So, it is crucial to know all the points that can impact that. Before listing your car to be sold, check second-hand car prices online to be in the profit spectrum. Online statistics tell us that 2021 has recorded 69.8 million car sales, which is 6% greater than those sold in 2020. The fair market value of the vehicle is another necessary factor as it calculates the worth of your car in the private market.

How to Find Fair Market Price of Any Used Car

How does the fair market value of a used vehicle calculated?

Fair market value is another term for the current value of the car. It is the same value for which any vehicle would be sold or resold in the market. Therefore, FMV impacts the resale value of the vehicle, and along with that, it has a significant impact on the taxes, real estate transactions, and car sales online.

Factors that determines the resale value of a used car: 

The valuation of a car depends on various factors like brand, purchase year, vehicle condition, etc., generate a report that helps to calculate car resale value in the market. You can do this easily with the help of OBV car valuation tool, a pricing algorithmic engine that gives the fair market price of any vehicle by analyzing different factors.

Let’s discuss the factors in detail:

  • Brand of the car

The brand of the car is one of the necessary points to consider while reselling it. It is so because not each of them has a good resale value in the market. Some brands like Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota rank number 1 in the car resale market, while others like Mercedes and Audi are great luxury brands. In the first two years, the value of a car depreciates by 20%, and it depends mainly upon the brand model of the vehicle.

  • Mileage

The mileage of a car determines its quality. Typically, research tells that a car less driven has a higher resale value than the one driven more. Of course, you can always look up to the odometer of your car to determine the kilometers driven. It will also tell you the mileage of the vehicle and its current condition.

  • The mechanical condition of the car

If your car is regularly serviced, it is more likely to have a greater mechanical condition as all the transmission and the engines of the vehicle will be working correctly. A potential buyer would be interested in a car running smoothly without causing much expenditure in the repairs.

Does car valuation impact used car price?

The car valuation report signifies all the major and minor factors that can lead to the decline of the resale value of the car. The value of a vehicle starts depreciating from the very moment it is bought. It can decline up to 50% in the first five years. In addition, the manufacture year, car model, kilometers driven, mileage, and the overall look of the car can further affect its resale value.

Thus, it is vital to use a car resale value calculator to check the car’s current market value to earn profitable revenues. In addition, car valuation impacts used car price as it tells whether the vehicle is suitable enough for resale. 

Determine the fair market price of any used car:

The web is full of car valuation tools where you can easily calculate the fair market value of your car with simple steps. First, you must access the website, and while following the directions, you can achieve your goal. To do so, you will be asked to enter your car’s basic information, including the model type, date of manufacturing, kilometers driven, etc. 

The car’s resale value also depends on the chain of ownership and the location of the car. The website will also ask for the mileage of the car to calculate its worth. Other than these, you will be asked in-depth about your vehicle. So, write a detailed description very carefully and be honest in terms of its interior and exterior. 

Giving honest answers to check used car value is necessary because not only does it provide the actual worth of the vehicle, but it also gets you a report that helps the potential buyer in second-hand car valuation.

Final Words

Once you know all the factors that determine the resale value of the car, consider having the fair market value and the car valuation report generated by the car valuation tool online, as keeping them handy will let you negotiate better in the market and get a worthy buyer of your vehicle. Checking the fair market value of any used car will help you to take informed decision in buying a used car.