(Updated) Bajaj Pulsar 220F spare parts price list 2023

bajaj pulsar 220f

Bajaj pulsar 220F

Ex showroom price: ₹1.38 lakhs

Bajaj Pulsar 220F is a legendary bike that comes with a 220cc oil cooled engine that produces 20.4 PS of power and 18.55 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 5 speed gearbox and it offers a mileage of around 35 kmpl. To know the spare parts price of Pulsar 220F read below.

Spare parts price of Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Spare Part NameSpare Part Price
Engine assembly price₹ 32,163
magneto cover price₹ 2509
Front number plate price₹ 150
Fuel Pump AND Pipes price₹ 4200
Rear Number Plate price₹ 150
Rear Brake Switch price₹ 110
Handle Grips price₹ 245
Handle rod price₹ 320 (each)
OIL Pump price₹ 480
AIR Filter price₹ 200
Engine Mounts price₹ 820
Chain Cover price₹ 120
Spark Plug price₹ 150
Battery Tray price₹ 250
Rear Footrest price₹ 150
Brake Lever price₹ 120
Number Plate Lamp price₹ 120
Front Footrest price₹ 221
Front Axle price₹ 172
Side Stand price₹ 216
Cables price₹ 153
Horn price₹ 160
Rear Axle price₹ 226
Front Brake Pads price₹ 220
Front Caliper Components price (full Assembly)₹ 2612
Tool KIT price₹ 220
Chain Lubricant – Motul price₹ 231
Indicators price₹ 200
Grab Handle price₹ 500
Centrifugal Filter price₹ 304
Rear Brake Pedal price₹ 574
Rear Mudguard price₹ 250
Rear Caliper Components price₹ 320
Rear Brake Pads price₹ 200
Timing Chain price₹ 228
Headlamp Visor price₹ 330
Gear Pedal price₹ 345
Side Mirror price₹ 340 (each)
Clutch Lever price₹ 180
Sari Guard price₹ 550
Front Brake Hose price₹ 465
Gear Drum price₹ 360
Engine Valves price₹ 370
Master Cylinder price₹ 405
Gears price₹ 433
Pulsar 220F Engine OIL₹ 750
Center Stand price₹ 750
Ignition Coil price₹ 225 (each)
Starter Clutch price₹ 640
Control Switches price Left₹ 809
Control Switches price Right₹ 860
Lock SET price₹ 1240
Taillamp price₹ 950
Ignition Switch price₹ 1083
Camshaft price₹ 745
Magneto price₹ 5734
Balancer price₹ 960
Seat price₹ 2038
Swing ARM price₹ 2007
Master Cylinder Components price₹ 800
CDI price₹ 550
Rear Brake Disc price₹ 1760
OIL Cooler price₹ 1,502
Fork Components price₹ 2300
Clutch Cover price₹ 2294
Starter Motor price₹ 1,824
Front Brake Disc price₹ 1,750
Front Caliper price₹ 1,738
Throttle Body price₹ 4942
Chain Sprocket KIT price₹ 1,948
Fuel Injector price₹ 1,722
Rear Suspension price₹ 2,056
Frame price₹ 12,600
ECU price₹ 4,573
front Wheel RIM price₹ 6,222
rear Wheel RIM price₹ 7,089
Crankshaft price₹ 3,814
Cylinder Head price₹ 4,702
Headlamp price₹ 3,409
Cylinder Head Cover price₹ 4,702
Clutch Plates assembly price₹ 3,105
Wiring Harness AND Relay price₹ 3,765
Speedometer price₹ 3,064
Crankcase price₹ 3,314
Block AND Piston price₹ 3,834
Carburetor price₹ 3,949
Bajaj Pulsar 220F full fairing kit price₹ 7,504
Bajaj Pulsar 200F front fairing price₹ 3,262

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Bajaj Pulsar 220F service cost

Average service cost of Pulsar 220F is around Rs 750 – 1000 which does not include any extra parts or engine oil price. The estimated servicing cost of Pulsar 220F for the first 3 years is mentioned below.

Service No.Kilometers / MonthsFree / PaidTotal Cost (Engine oil+Labor)
1st Service500 / 1FreeRs. 750
2nd Service4500 / 8FreeRs. 750
3rd Service9500 / 12FreeRs. 750
4th Service14500 / 16PaidRs. 1500
5th Service19500 / 20PaidRs. 1500
6th Service24500 / 24PaidRs. 2000
7th Service29500 / 28PaidRs. 2000

Note: The total servicing cost of Pulsar 220 mentioned above are approximate, for accurate price visit your nearest Authorised service center.

Tip: If you want to save money then you can go to your nearest popular 2-wheeler garage which has a good reputation in the market because they will do the same thing at a cheaper price.

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Pulsar 220F spare parts FAQ’s

What is the price of Bajaj Pulsar 220F full body kit?

The price of Pulsar 220F full body kit is around Rs 7500.

What is the price of Pulsar 220F front fairing kit?

The price of Pulsar 220F front Fairing kit is around Rs 3,362.

What is the average servicing cost of Bajaj Pulsar 220F?

The average servicing labor cost of Pulsar 220F ranges between Rs 750 – 1000.