Old motorcycle electric conversion in India | see how ?

Old motorcycle electric conversion: future of mobility is depend on electric vehicle therefore you can see the increasing demands of electric vehicle in India and throughout the world. But what should we do with our old petrol or diesel vehicles? – there are multiple option to get rid of your old vehicle, the very famous is scraping you old motorcycle or car.

Converting your old motorcycle to electric is one of the best option for old motorcycle which you want to keep for some more years. There are many peoples including my self who don’t want to leave their motorcycle beacuse it is very old and not working, for them old motorcycle electric conversion is the best option.

Old motorcycle electric conversion

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Advantages of Old motorcycle electric conversion:

  • You can keep your old motorcycle for some more years and revive your memories with it.
  • Electric vehicles cause no harm to the environment which is the best thing.
  • Mileage (Range) of the motorcycle will increase if you convert your old motorcycle to electric motorcycle.
  • If you convert your bike to electric instead of buying a new petrol motorcycle, then your helping the environment because it will decrease one petrol motorcycle which causes very much harm to the environment.

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Disadvantages of Old motorcycle electric conversion:

  • Converting a regular petrol motorcycle to electric can increase the mileage but you have to compromise with the speed.
  • The converted electric motorcycle can go up to 60 – 80 kmph which may not satisfy you.
  • There are no charging stations available for electric motorcycles except for the Revolt’s electric motorcycle which was setup by the Revoltmotors.
  • You have to make sure before leaving the house that the motorcycle is fully charged.
  • You may not like the charging time it takes around 4-6 hours for a full charge.
Old motorcycle electric conversion

How to convert your old motorcycle to electric motorcycle:

Electric motorcycle conversion may look difficult but if you have some knowledge of motorcycle working then you can do it by yourself. First of all you need to buy electric motorcycle conversion kit for that you can read the article Top 5 Best electric motorcycle conversion kit in India.

For more details on how to convert your old motorcycle to electric motorcycle you can refer to the video of Technical partha.

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