Yamaha’s Electric Scooter launching soon 

The Yamaha is expected to launch its first Electric Scooter by the year 2025. 

Yamaha Motor’s chairman Eishin Chihana had reportedly said that its engineers are working towards it. 

He also said that the test run and durability test have already begun. 

It is expected that the Yamaha Neo which were unveiled recently could be the first Electric scooter of the company. 

The upcoming Yamaha Electric Scooter will have 2.03 kW motor

The electric scooter may come with 2 removable li-ion battery. 

As per the company’s claim the upcoming Yamaha electric scooter can give a range of 37.5 km using single battery. 

The electric scooter can be fully charge in around 8 hours

The top sped of the upcoming Yamaha Electric scooter is 40 kmph

The scooter could have features like battery status, LCD display with smartphone connectivity, route tracking, calls, and messages. 

The yamaha’s E-scooter will be made in India using components sourced from local vendors. 

The motor and battery will be developed keeping Indian climatic conditions in mind.