Toyota Innova Crysta Diesel variant coming back

By Obaidullah khan

A couple of months back, Toyota dealership had stopped taking bookings for the diesel variant of the Innova Cysta.

The diesel Innova Crysta was discontinued because it was failed to meet the new updated emission norms.

Now, as per some reports, limited units of the Innova Crysta are coming back. 

Reports also confrmed that some units of the Innova Crysta has been dispatched to all dealerships. 

Just four units have been assigned to a dealer for the month of November.

Additionally, several diesel Innovas are expected to arrive in December. 

It's probable that Toyota is getting rid of any diesel vehicles or engines that might be lying around the factory. 

Additionally, it indicates that the Innova Hycross's debut is quickly approaching. 

Toyota previously employed the same tactic when the first-generation Innova was launched. 

Toyota has recently unveiled the all new Innova Hycross with 2.0 liter strong hybrid powertrain in Indonesian market.

The upcoming Toyota Innova Hycross is schedule to launch on November 25, 2022 in India.