Royal Enfield Himalayan gets 3 new colors 

By Obaidullah khan

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Royal Enfield has introduced three new color Glacier Blue, Sleet Black, and Dune Brown options to Himalayan. 

Himalayan already has a blue shade (Lake Blue), which is a dual-tone blue-white theme. 

The new Glacial Blue version makes use of a distinct blue hue. The use of a combination of glossy and matte blue in this new theme is another distinctive feature. 

The front beak and side panels are finished in a matte finish, while the fuel tank has a glossy finish. 

Even while the glossy-matte combination is distinctive, it may not be aesthetically pleasing. 

The second new colour for Dune Brown resembles a shade that was previously used on a limited-edition Classic 500. 

Additionally, the current Classic 350 comes in the popular colour called Signals Desert Sand. 

The new Dune brown Shade gets a camouflage pattern similar to the pine green color option.

The shade has been applied on the front beak, fuel tank, front rack, side panels and rear mud guard. 

The Dune Brown model can be used to highlight the bike's performance in sand-covered terrain.

The ex-showroom price of the new color versions of Royal Enfield Himalayan is Rs 2.15 lakhs.