Ampere Go electric festival offers announced 

By Obaidullah khan

The company is establishing itself in the industry through Ampere Go Electric Fest

Customers can take advantage of all the great deals and financing options throughout the festive season, when buying sentiment is at its peak. 

Everything fits together perfectly to draw in a variety of audiences. In reality, this will also significantly boost Ampere's sales. 

The offers include excellent exchange offers, up to Rs 2500 in additional benefits. 

Customers can get the electric scooter with low down payments of up to 8%, financing for up to 95% of the cost of the scooters, and an annual interest rate of 8.25%. 

Customers get the opportunity to test-drive and win the coveted Magnus EX in addition to these promotions. 

Additionally, GEMPL has offered exclusive staff offers for all branches of government and business alliances as part of this. 

This will open up the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) to a wide range of client groups throughout India. 

These offers have been made available at all Ampere dealerships nationwide, according to Ampere. 

Customers can therefore take advantage of these deals on or before October 31, 2022.